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The Bariatric Group are specialists in weight loss surgery. We started the service in 2003 and our seven surgeons undertake operations in four towns/cities in the South of England. You can meet the team here.

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Overstitch is a non-surgical treatment that is helping people to overcome one of the biggest challenges facing weight loss specialists; how best to deal with Gastric Bypass patients who, following initial success, are now regaining weight.

Until recently, if you were dealing with weight increase after Gastric Bypass surgery, your options would have been extremely limited, to reducing the size of the pouch, extending the limb, placing a band around the pouch or any combination of these. Results were varied and the surgery was taken at a high risk.

Overstitch is a new procedure that is less invasive and has less risk, as it is performed endoscopically with a stitching device that is placed into the stomach through the mouth. The enlarged pouch is then stitched from within to reduce its capacity. It takes less than an hour and is carried out under general anaesthetic.

Benefits of the Overstitch treatment

  • Non-surgical, therefore has a lower risk factor
  • Can be done as a day case procedure
  • Recovery time is just a few days

How Much Weight Will I Lose Following An Oversitch?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to accurately predict how much weight you will lose as results will vary depending on several different factors. This includes how willing you are to adapt your diet and exercise post procedure.

There is solid evidence to suggest that you can expect to lose around 50-60% of your regained weight since your lowest weight, post-bypass surgery.

Compared to weight loss achieved through surgical options, Overstitch is the much better option, meaning you can expect a good weight loss without the associated risk of surgery.

Am I Eligible For Gastric Bypass Revision?

If you have previously had a Gastric Bypass and are finding that you are regaining weight, the Overstitch procedure may be a good option.

All pros and cons are discussed with you at your consultation.

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