Allurion Balloon Programme

“The Allurion balloon was the turning point that got me back on track. My Team was there to guide me, and my balloon was a constant reminder to make healthy choices. My life has changed.”

No surgery. No endoscopy. No anaesthesia…

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You might have many questions at this point, wondering whether The Allurion Balloon Programme is right for you? What makes The Bariatric Group such specialists for the people in the South of England?

Let’s try to put your mind to rest…

Who are we?

The Bariatric Group specialises in weight loss surgery. We started the service in 2003 and now have seven surgeons, undertaking operations in four towns/cities in the South of England. You can meet the team here.

We hold clinics and / or perform surgery in Taunton, Plymouth, Poole, Bristol, London, Truro and Southampton. See all of our locations. Our team of experienced professionals is here to partner with you throughout your journey – we want to help you achieve your weight loss and health improvement goals.

Whether by phone at 0808 281 8000, email or via our contact form, we’re ready to answer any further questions you might have.

Ali Explains The Process A Little Further

How much weight will I be able to lose?

Most people lose between 13 and 15kgs over 4 months of therapy.

How does the Allurion Balloon get into my stomach?

After we have confirmed that Allurion Balloon therapy is right for you, we will place the balloon in your stomach during a brief 20 minutes outpatient visit. You will swallow a capsule that contains the deflated balloon along with a thin tube. Once the capsule has entered the stomach, we will fill the balloon with liquid. Once the balloon is filled, the tube will be gently removed and you will be on your way.

Is the balloon easy to swallow?

Most people are able to swallow the capsule containing the Allurion Balloon without any issue. People who do have difficulty swallowing it can be assisted by their Physician who will use a thin wire (stylet) to help guide the capsule into place – still without an endoscopy or anaesthesia.

How is the balloon removed?

After approximately 16 weeks inside your stomach, a time activated release valve on the balloon will open, allowing it to empty and pass naturally through the gastrointestinal tract without the need for a removal procedure*

Allurion Aftercare and Support

You are not alone. You will receive ongoing support from your Physician and Dietitian for the duration of your programme. At the beginning of the programme you will receive a “smart” scale and mobile app which connects you to your Team, to track your progress. Real time advice from your care team that supports you and, helps you to stay on track.

How much does it cost?

Our Allurion Balloon Programme starts at £4,495. Please contact us to see if this programme is suitable for you. You can reach us by calling 0808 281 8000, emailing us or use our contact form below.

Success Stories

Many people choose The Bariatric Group as their partner to help them achieve their weight loss & health improvement goals. Mike made that same decision and has shared some of his experiences with the Allurion Balloon programme below and some of the positive effects for him so far. You can also read how others decided to take the next step, with The Bariatric Group, on their journey to try to reach their goals.

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