Top Tips to Prepare for Bariatric Surgery

If you have bariatric surgery coming up, whether it be a gastric band, bypass or balloon, there are many steps you can take in order to prepare for the upcoming surgery.

Here at The Bariatric Group, we know how nerve-wracking an imminent procedure can be, so we’ve put together our top tips to help you prepare and help you relax.


It’s important to ensure you’re going into bariatric surgery with realistic expectations. Never allow yourself to expect to wake up from the surgery thin, or to think the surgery is the immediate answer to weight loss. Bariatric surgery is a tool that can aid weight loss, whereas the hard work, dieting and exercising comes afterwards.

There is no set time that it takes for you to lose weight, and it’s important to understand you are about to embark on a weight loss journey, meaning it will take both time and effort. Ensuring you have a clear idea of the process ahead will help you to stay on the right track.

Be Flexible

Whilst it’s important to have the correct expectations, that doesn’t mean you cannot set yourself personal goals. However, it’s important to understand you can be flexible. Sometimes you may not lose as much weight as you was expecting to, but don’t be too hard on yourself.

Having small goals along the way on your weight loss journey is a great way to know and celebrate your achievements, but if you fail to reach a goal, pick yourself up and move on.


Take some time in the days or weeks before your weight loss surgery to stock up on the foods and drinks you’ll be needing in the weeks to come. Though you’re going to be given a strict diet to follow, it’s vital to stock up beforehand to avoid a rush for food when you’re in a lot of pain and need to be resting.

We’d advise talking to your dietitian beforehand to get an eye for the types of foods you’ll be eating. Whether it’s broths and soups when you can only handle liquids or low-calorie, sugar free food and drink, you’ll thank yourself later when everything is ready and waiting for you.


Once you’ve got your supplies together, why not have a think about the sorts of recipes you can put together at each post-op stage? Post bariatric surgery, your diet will start off liquidised, then move onto puree until you move back to solid foods.

Using this opportunity to try new foods, tastes and textures whilst figuring out what both your taste buds and body thank you for is a rewarding step in the process. Not only will it change your outlook on certain foods, but it will also help you on your weight loss journey.

If you have an upcoming bariatric surgery and are worried about the steps you are taking in order to prepare, we can help you. For more information, get in touch with a friendly member of The Bariatric Group team who will be happy to help by giving us a call on 0808 1280 022 or via our contact page.

*Disclaimer: Please note that weight loss surgery results and benefits are unique to each individual and in such The Bariatric Group cannot guarantee specific weight loss goals as results for each surgery can vary. If you have any questions or would like to know more about weight loss surgery please contact our expert team.