Seasonal weather changes are highly anticipated within the United Kingdom, with the slightest bit of heat sending us into a meltdown. The hot weather can result in too much of a good thing for those who have undergone bariatric surgery. The key to successful weight loss surgery is keeping a healthy lifestyle, meaning patients must drink enough water and eat a healthy, protein rich diet with plenty of exercise. The summer heat can put a pause on any healthy lifestyle, but following these tips can ensure your healthy lifestyle is adhered to the whole year through.


It goes without saying that water is the best way to keep our bodies hydrated. During the summer months when we are more prone to dehydration, water is all the more important. We’d advise keeping a bottle of water handy that you can sip frequently. Drinks such as fruit juices and fizzy pop are extremely sugary with high-calorie contents, as well as having little nutritional value, so stay away from those.

Avoid alcohol

Summer means parties, and parties mean alcohol. However, alcohol adds a lot of empty calories to our bodies as well as being extremely dehydrating. A cold beer or glass of wine may be tempting on a hot day, but it can lead to dumping syndrome as alcohol is easily converted into sugar once it has been consumed. To make matters worse, carbonated drinks can also stretch the pouch after a gastric bypass.


It may be easier to avoid exercise during the hot and sweaty weather, but it’s important it’s strictly followed. Why not go for a walk early in the morning or late at night when the temperature has dropped to a more comfortable level? Alternatively, exercising indoors or joining a swimming and aqua Zumba class at your local pool is the perfect way to cool down and exercise simultaneously on a hot day.


Following a strict diet after bariatric surgery is extremely important. Often, when the temperature soars, our appetite can vanish. However, it’s important your body gets the recommended amount of protein needed. Salads that feature beans, lentils, prawns and grilled meats are perfect for those who are in the later stages of their recovery period and have more leeway with their food choices. Protein shakes are also a great way of topping up protein levels.

Here at The Bariatric Group, we know that picking up the telephone is often the hardest part of the process. If you need more information on dealing with the hot weather after bariatric surgery, we can help. In fact, four of our team members have gone through the process themselves.

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