The Dangers of Alcohol After Weight Loss Surgery

As I approach my 3 year anniversary since my Gastric Bypass surgery, I thought it was time for an update. The majority of changes since weight loss have been very positive, but there is one very negative side to a Gastric Bypass that I have fallen foul to – Alcohol!

I make no secret of the fact that I love a glass of wine or two. However, over the last year, I just do not know when to stop. On several occasions, I have asked myself this question – “is this a case of addiction transference?” (As this is perhaps an easier excuse to give to someone after totally erratic behaviour?) Unfortunately, I do not believe that as I am no longer addicted to food, I am now addicted to wine. Alcohol just appears to affect me in a totally different way now.

  • Glass 1 – makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside
  • Glass 2 – all of my troubles have disappeared
  • Glass 3 – I start to slur and the volume of my voice increases
  • Glass 4 – I repeat myself over and over again
  • Glass 5 – I fall asleep (or fall over) and have no recollection the following day.
  • Many of you have asked to see my most recent photos, so here is the latest! 9 stone 7lbs, wearing a size 10.Look closer….. I also have a broken foot! Glass 5 did it again.

    Be warned about the consumption of alcohol after bariatric surgery, particularly after Gastric Sleeve and Gastric Bypass surgery. We eat less and weigh less. Read this article on why this happens -

    As I write this blog, I am ashamed, embarrassed and in a great deal of pain. I have met so many bariatric patients over the years, and I have heard this story over and over again, so why didn’t I take note? Is it because I have a highly addictive personality? Am I reliving my youth after spending so many years as an obese person? Has my mental health been affected due to the massive physical changes?

    Sadly, it is all of the above. I only have myself to blame. So for all of you that are also going through this – let’s understand and support each other please. For those of you who are still considering bariatric surgery, please be warned. Step away from the bar and ask your family and friends to respect your decision.

    We all know that alcohol is considered as empty calories and 1-2 glasses occasionally will not hurt. But believe you me – a broken foot really does!

    *Disclaimer: Please note that weight loss surgery results and benefits are unique to each individual and in such The Bariatric Group cannot guarantee specific weight loss goals as results for each surgery can vary. If you have any questions or would like to know more about weight loss surgery please contact our expert team.