Feeling hungry after weight loss surgery

Sometimes people describe to us that that they are still feeling hungry after bariatric surgery. They feel that it hasn’t worked or that they are failing, this is extremely depressing after a procedure that they thought would be the answer to all their weight loss problems. This can lead to a huge feeling of failure which then can lead to the self-destructive behavior often eating and therefore old patterns can re-emerge.

Appetite after a gastric bypass and a gastric sleeve can change over time and typically this is about a year after surgery. Your desire for food can return to a certain degree, also your confidence will increase and the temptation to ‘push the boundaries’ and override the feedback mechanisms that you may have listened to in the early stages.

But take heart! All is not lost the first thing to think about is you feeling hungry at all. Hunger is our response to our body needing energy and is a very physical sensation. Look at the definition below; essentially if you are really hungry you will eat anything.

*Disclaimer: Please note that weight loss surgery results and benefits are unique to each individual and in such The Bariatric Group cannot guarantee specific weight loss goals as results for each surgery can vary. If you have any questions or would like to know more about weight loss surgery please contact our expert team.