Eating Healthily On Holiday


We think that eating healthily on holiday is difficult, mainly this is because our mindset changes. We feel because we are on holiday it is ok to eat more or higher fat and sugar food. In other words we give ourselves permission to eat different things than we might not have at home. Although it can be part of the holiday to try new foods it can be a good idea to steer away from a lot of the treat foods ice cream, chocolate, pastries etc. after weight loss surgery (particularly a gastric band) food generally is easier to eat when you are relaxed this can mean that you try foods that you wouldn’t normally, if you tolerate them well then a habit can be set up which you continue when you are back home.

If you have had a gastric bypass or sleeve it can be easy to eat things that cause dumping syndrome but as there isn’t a rush to do things as there may be at home you just sleep it off. Again this means that your tolerance to those foods can increase and the habit returns home with you.
Make the most of fresh fruit and vegetables. Choose ingredients that are local to the area for maximum flavour.
Have a look in the local supermarket or market and take healthy snacks and packed lunches with you on day trips and when exploring further afield.
Try choosing wholegrains – the additional fibre will help to keep you full for longer.
Think about your choice of ice cream. Opt for something lighter rather than an indulgent dairy ice cream.
Swap sugary cocktails and beers for spirits with diet mixers.
Have baked, grilled or barbecued foods, instead of anything fried
Choose leaner protein like beans, pulses, fish, eggs and lean meat.
Keep puddings and cakes as a treat.
Try to be as active as possible – go for a swim, play tennis or simply have an evening stroll after your meal.
Don’t forget to pack your multiivitamins and minerals and other supplements

If you are on an all-inclusive holiday. The buffet-style breakfast, dinner, and sometimes lunch, combined with free- flowing alcohol and little extras, can pose difficulties for a healthy diet. There is always a thought that you want to get your monies worth as well!
Scope out the options and choose what appeals rather than having a ‘bit of everything’.
Fill up your plate with a great selection of fresh salads and vegetables.
There’s usually a soup option for starter – these can be low in calories and will fill you up, reducing temptation for mains and desserts.
Try something new and local – there is usually a selection of traditional British dishes on offer, but baked or grilled fish or chicken provides a lighter choice.
Remember to try and alternate alcoholic drinks with diet or sugar-free soft drinks, and ask for a bottle of water for your table.
Try using a smaller plate and filling half with vegetables or salad. Choose lean protein and high-fibre carbs.
Only take one plateful resist the urge to wait and then go up for more
Although very tempting, try not to sample every sweet option at once – you’ll enjoy them far more as a treat

*Disclaimer: Please note that weight loss surgery results and benefits are unique to each individual and in such The Bariatric Group cannot guarantee specific weight loss goals as results for each surgery can vary. If you have any questions or would like to know more about weight loss surgery please contact our expert team.