5 Myths about Weight Loss Surgery

5 Myths about Weight Loss Surgery

I was reading a very negative blog recently about things you wish you were told before having weight loss surgery. What? In the 21st Century, we have access to the biggest brain in the Universe – the World Wide Web. Before you make such a huge decision – you must research thoroughly. Read the good, the bad and the ugly and then weigh up the pros and the cons.

The biggest Myths I hear constantly are –
You cannot have a social life after bariatric surgery?

Nonsense. Of course you can still eat round the table with your family. Yes – you can go out for dinner at a fancy restaurant. Having supper at a friend’s house? Again, it is possible. You just have to be sensible. Most of us tell our friends after we have had surgery.( Personally, I feel that this is the best thing to do, as there are no surprises on either side and you will feel more comfortable when you accept dinner invitations.) If they serve up something that you know will not agree with you – Only eat a small amount or, politely decline. If you are cooking at home, make the right choices when preparing your meal and take your time to eat. When dining out at friends or at a restaurant, take the softer food options (if you have a Gastric Band) and say no when the dessert menu arrives. My social life has not changed since my gastric bypass surgery and I don’t intend it to either.
You are constantly on the toilet?

Lots of people considering either Sleeve or Bypass surgery ask this question. Look – if you eat too much fat or sugar after surgery – then of course you will suffer from “Dumping syndrome” You are in charge of the choices that you make. Choose wisely. Of course – we all make mistakes – it’s the only way to learn. But if you are constantly on the toilet – you need to take a serious look at the fat content in your food.

If you are a Gastric Band patient and you are constantly regurgitating food – then remind yourself of the 20/20/20 rule. Watch these videos here –

Will I have to live on Protein Shakes?

Absolutely not! The best sources are protein are:



Fish and Seafood


Milk and Yoghurts.

How do you like your eggs in the morning!?

Your daily food menu is set out for you and wont involve a protein shake
The risk is huge?

Any operation that involves a General anaesthetic involves risk. We all put extra pressure on ourselves as our surgery date looms, as we see it as elective surgery. “Why did I allow myself to get to this point?” ”Did I really try every other option out there?” “ If something goes wrong, I only have myself to blame” The latest NBSR report currently quotes the mortality rate of a Gastric Bypass as 0.07% -http://nbsr.co.uk/
Am I taking the Easy Option Am I a Cheater?

Look – we have an addiction to food and Bariatric Surgery may be the only answer for you. Ask yourself:

How long have I battled with my weight?

How many times have I lost weight on a diet and regained it all again?

What health problems have been caused by my obesity?

How is my weight affecting my quality of life and self-esteem?

Have I researched all my options thoroughly?

It isn’t the easy option, but it may be your only option now. And as fro cheating? Both you and I know all about that. The next time you start that “one final diet” think about how you feel when you sneak off in the evening for that packet of crisps or chocolate biscuit. Obese people are cheaters.

Disclaimer: Please note that weight loss surgery results and benefits are unique to each individual and in such The Bariatric Group cannot guarantee specific weight loss goals as results for each surgery can vary. If you have any questions or would like to know more about weight loss surgery please contact our expert team.